Learn Digital Marketing - Social Media

►Who is this course for?
-Entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses or brands.
-People without experience who want to start careers as: Community Manager or Web Analysts.
-Professionals who wish to manage the Digital Marketing department of a company.
-People who want to generate income from home.
-Entrepreneurs who wish to optimize all their business processes.
-Any person or fan of Social Networks and Digital Marketing.

¡Jump into the market and boost your projects from 0 to 100!

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-Basic knowledge. No experience required.
-You only need a PC or Mobile phone

►What you will learn:

-The student will learn how to manage their social media and how to communicate with users and potential customers.
-Learn how to create attractive advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads
-Get more clients through LinkedIn
-Automate your processes with Email Marketing
-How to generate traffic to your website, blog, YouTube channel and increase followers.
-How to create quality content with professional designs and how to manage your audiences.
-How to create advertising through Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads in a professional and segmented way.
-How to create designs for digital advertising, how to generate leads and close sales.
-How to do Retargeting on Facebook | Instagram ads