Course of SEO and Positioning in Google

-Have an interest in SEO and want to attract customers through this technique
-Be able to manage browsers (such as Chrome) and search engines (such as Google)
Learn SEO, one of the most effective online techniques. SEO course for beginners and intermediates.

Select the level you want to learn

►Who is this course for?

-Programmers and developers
-Interested in digital marketing
-Interested in content marketing
-Web designers, Community managers, Digital Planners

►What you will learn:

-Differentiate and apply SEO strategies and techniques to improve visibility in search engines, mainly Google.

-Analyze keywords to write. Techniques to identify words with good potential.

-We will learn optimization techniques for online stores. Examples of online stores with good SEO practices.

-Recognize the technical aspects to improve the presence of our websites in search engines and not be penalized.

-Practice some important technical aspects for the process of SEO optimization on a website.

-Know some aspects of Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO and Gray Hat SEO

-Implement good SEO practices in other search engines such as YouTube and optimize our videos and channels.

-Search Console as an essential tool for SEO
-Link Building or Link Building Strategies