Basic English for Beginners

English “URGENT”. Speak english non-stop until you master all the basics in a matter of hours, not years.
►What you will learn:
-Form hundreds of sentences and questions of daily use in english.
-Describe with simple grammatical structures.
-Manage an essential vocabulary base.
-Develop a fantastic english accent and pronunciation.


Select the level you want to learn


-Be in a quiet place.
-Have a clear goal of mastering the fundamentals of English in a short time.

►Who is this course for?

-People who urgently need basic English, especially spoken, to travel, study or work.
-Those who find typical or traditional courses ineffective and boring.
-Those who want a course that gets them talking from the start, successfully forming thousands of sentences.
-Those people who have never studied English or who have some basic notion but also a great insecurity in the knowledge acquired.
-Those who are looking for a new and different way to learn English, without stress, that motivates them and leaves them wanting more.

►Unit 1:

– Greetings
– The alphabet
– Countries and nationalities
– Verb to be
– Ask and answer personal questions.

►Unit 2:

– This is me: physical appearance and personality adjectives.
– Speaking: describing a person.

►Unit 3:

– At home: objects around the house, rooms in a house. Vocabulary on furniture.
– Different types of accommodation.

►Unit 4:

-Places around you. Clothes. The weather and seasons.
-Imperatives and modals to talk about ability.
-The present continuous tens

►Unit 5:

-The simple present tense: talking about habits and daily life. Talking about likes and dislikes. Talking about your daily routine and adverbs of frequency.

►Unit 6:

-Talking about your daily routine, verbs followed by –ing, talking about your job.

►Unit 7:

-Making plans and talking about the future: the present continuous tense and the simple future.